Introducing your baby to solid foods should start when your child is around 6 months old. Weaning should be seen as a fun experience, whilst helping your child to move forward in their development. There are 2 types of weaning that you can follow: baby-led weaning (BLW) and traditional weaning.

BLW means you forget all about pureed foods and simply introduce your baby to simple finger foods which allows them to feed themselves. Once they have mastered soft finger foods, such as vegetables, fruit, cheese, etc, you can introduce meats etc.

Weaning is offering your baby a variation of fruit and vegetables pureed down to a smooth consistency then slowly introducing other types of food which will become less pureed and more lumpy.

You should always continue to give your child breast or bottle milk as part of the weaning process.

Both types of weaning are a great way for your baby to learn about food. Choosing which to follow comes down to your personal choice, based on the one you believe is best for your baby.

At Tiptoes, we can offer you lots of advice and have lots of information on weaning and BLW as well as recipe ideas for you to try at home. We will fully support the weaning choices that you make and advise you on this or any other baby-related matter if required.

Please take a closer look at our Weaning Display and help yourself to more information. And from everyone here at the Tiptoes team … Happy Weaning!