Children across all our nurseries have enjoyed a creative start to the year, with January full of artistic projects and creative cooking.

And naturally, along with that comes some very messy kids and some very messy nurseries. But we don’t mind that, it’s all part of the fun!

The Tiptoe Bears at Willerby enjoyed making butterfly prints with paints and drawing the phonic letter of the week “K” on the IWB as part of the ongoing educational experiences we bring to every child.

And the Pre-Schoolers at Bridgehead got sticky fingers after making different letters from slim to further their letter recognition. Although it gets everywhere, slime is certainly proving a useful and engaging educational tool!

Food, an old favourite of staff and children alike, played a big part in January’s activities. The Honey Bears at Bishop Burton had lots of fun making shortbread biscuits and bread, and the Button and Sunshine Bears investigated different vegetables. Not only did they find out which ones tasted the best, they had a fun-packed time exploring different ways they could use them for painting.

The babies at Bridgehead also enjoyed some veg-themed fun by planting their own vegetables in the nursery garden, exploring and learning about soil, planting seeds and watering them every day to watch them grow.

At Bricknell, the Honey Bears made funny faces from fruit and vegetables in our new kitchen in the role play area, and had lots of laughs in the process.

A host of other activities also took place in January to ensure the children in our care had the most fun, inspiring and educational start to 2019 we could give them.

The Pre-schoolers at Bricknell planted flower pots outside and had a visit from the tooth brush lady who came to talk to them about the importance of brushing their teeth. The Sunshine Bears role played with the dolls and made different shapes and objects out of connecting pipes.

At Hessle, the Pre-schoolers learned all about ancient Egypt and had a fantastic time walking around the garden like Egyptians. The toddlers heard all about what goes on under the sea did a whole range of creative activities connected to that. The under 2s explored different textures using a range of body parts.

At Willerby, the Tiptoe Bears learned all about people in society who help others and made their own police fingerprints and photos in our pretend police station.

The Pre-schoolers at Bridgehead made Gruffalo masks as part of storytelling week, and those at Bishop Burton played pirates and did lots of counting, including identifying Roman numerals.

Overall, January was a busy, fun and educational month which saw the children across our nurseries get involved in lots of fabulous activities. And with February well underway, you can bet it will be just as action-packed!