Tiptoes raises hundreds of pounds for Children In Need

In November, our wonderful children recognised the need to help others less fortune than themselves by raising money for Children in Need.

All of our nurseries got involved and raised hundreds of pounds for the charity through donations, yummy cake sales, raffles, games and a host of other activities.

One unlucky member of staff at Bridgehead went above and beyond for the cause, after losing a vote to get cream-pied.

It seems that Karis was the member of staff who children and parents wanted to see ‘pied’ the most, and they donated a healthy £15.48 to do so. Sorry Karis!

In all, the activities raised more than £500 for the charity and we were delighted by all of the children’s efforts, and their understanding of the need to raise the money.

Elsewhere, November was a fun-packed month. With a friendly “‘ello, ‘ello, ‘ello”, the Police popped in to see staff and children at Bridgehead but thankfully no arrests were made. They were there as part of an occupations week the pre-schoolers were involved in and they even let the children try on their uniforms and sit in the police van. It was certainly the most realistic game of cops and robbers the children had ever played!

The pre-schoolers at Gorton Road saw pandas of a different kind as part of a zoo-themed week, when they made panda masks. They also took part in some Disney-themed activities, using finger prints to create a picture from the film UP, and experimented with different shapes to build rocket ships.

At Bricknell Avenue, the pre-schoolers explored autumn and nature and went off on an exciting hunt for ‘mini-beasts’. The Honey Bears had lots of fun exploring different textures with the paints, food play and gloop. As ever, they ended up in a very messy state indeed!

The Button and Sunshine Bears have enjoyed lots of sensory play, creative activities and some baking which they absolutely loved! It was fantastic to see the excitement on their faces when the treats they made turned out well!

At Livingstone Road, the pre-schoolers had a special visitor who came to read them a story and the under 2s and toddlers dressed up and played games for Children in Need.

November has been another busy month here at Tiptoes and the children have had lots of fun and educational experiences. But with the countdown to Christmas now underway, December will be filled with festive themed-fun and very excited little ones. As ever, we’ll be back at the end of the month to tell you all about it

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