Welcome to Tiptoes Pre-School where we provide a caring educational environment for 3 to 5 year olds before they start primary school. Our pre-schools are based within our nurseries so allow both the child and parent to move through all the elements of the Early Years Framework with the same carers and educators.

All our staff are educated to level 3, 6 or Qualified Teacher Status, with our lead being a former leading literacy teacher and head teacher in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Details of all our pre-school educator levels can be seen within our curriculum page.

We believe the best way for a child to learn and develop is when they are confident of their surroundings, their friendship group and their teacher. Thats we build strong relationships with all our local primary schools and both ERYC and Hull CC early years and primary networks. Maintaining that confidence through their early years is vital therefore joining a Tiptoes Pre-school or staying with us throughout can ensure stability whilst moving to the local primary schools with the friendship groups that they have been with for many years. It also broadens their friendship groups to children who live in the same areas but may not get the school of their choice.

One important note before we move on; the decision of which primary school your child goes to is not made by the schools themselves, the local church pre-school nor the head teachers. The decision is made by the local authority admissions centre which is wholly independent.

So we believe confidence in our children is one of the most important feelings and building that quiet inner knowledge that they are capable and happy.

Ok – and having fun along the way !

Why Choose our Pre-School Education ?

  • Qualified – we are committed to giving your child the best care and education, and a huge part of fulfilling that is making sure we employ the right people. We only employ permanent, fully qualified, level 3 nursery nurses or above and we try to go above and beyond with lots staff having foundation degrees and degrees in early years education.

  • Excellent links with primary schools – we have excellent links and relationships with all our local schools which are co-ordinated with reception class teachers and their head teachers to ensure that transition is as smooth as possible, see our Transition to School page.

  • Education – our founder was a head teacher at a leading East Riding primary school and is a leading literacy and numeracy teacher. She drives the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum forward across all our pre-schools. All our staff understand the importance of early years education and thrive on child development.

  • Well resourced – we actively plan to re-invest in all our resources across all our pre-schools on a frequent basis and are always looking at new technologies to help children learn and play. We are the only pre-schools in the area that offer at all our sites a Promethean Interactive Whiteboard experience (www.prometheanworld.com/gb/).

  • Staff to child ratios – we pride ourselves on the fantastic relationships between our staff and your child. One of the ways we ensure this bond is to go above and beyond the Ofsted guidelines for adult-to-child ratios.

  • Safe and secure – safety is always our number one priority so all our pre-schools have access control devices and secure fencing around outside play areas.

  • Praise from Ofsted – Tiptoes has won praise from Ofsted for its relationships with parents and its excellent links and transitions to primary schools we build confidence in our pre-schoolers and support them and their friends all the way through to reception class.


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