Tiptoes Christmas Night In & Awards

As well as looking forward to the build-up and celebration with the wonderful children that attend Tiptoes, the staff like to celebrate and party as well. Along with the usual party night we have a long 11-year tradition of the “Tiptoes Xmas Night In”.

This year we decided to share some pictures. So here goes with the embarrassing bits!

Christmas 2019 was the 11th year we have held our special Tiptoes “Xmas Night In”.  As 70 staff all met at one of our nurseries at 6:30pm, some staff had been there at 6pm busily preparing a buffet for all, thank you to Gemma for organising this year. Everyone looks forward to the “night in” and tradition takes over as we pay special tribute to those with 100% attendance, enjoy a buffet fit for a King, or 70 Princesses and Secret Santa.

In the weeks prior, all staff take part in a secret set of nominations covering themes such as “unsung hero of the nursery”, “little miss organised” to “employee of the year”. It’s all presented with small gifts and a merry cheer to the winners. Well done to those that won this year!

At Tiptoes we know how important it is that your special bundle of joy is handed over every morning to a familiar face and we work hard to make sure that is always possible. If were not always able to, one thing we can’t always help is the unexpected absence, so we take our “night in” to say a special thanks and cheer to those who have achieved 100% attendance in the year, along with giving an extra days holiday. Over one third of our staff achieved this and we are proud of them…. Hats off go to;

Waterside; Rachael, Laura W, Pauline and Kerry

Bricknell; Nicky, Lucy and Vanessa

Bridgehead; Becca, Karis and Geena

Gorton; Annarose, Fiona, Chantelle and Chloe

Morrill St; Sam, Pollyanna and Gemma

The evening ends with secret Santa and 4 bin liners of wrapping paper!!