In November, our wonderful children recognised the need to help others less fortune than themselves by raising money for Children in Need.

All of our nurseries got involved and raised hundreds of pounds for the charity through donations, yummy cake sales, raffles, games and a host of other activities.

One unlucky member of staff at Waterside went above and beyond for the cause, after losing a vote to get cream-pied. It seems that Rachel was the member of staff who children and parents wanted to see ‘pied’ the most, and they donated healthily for that to happen. Sorry Rachel!

In all, the activities raised more than £500 for the charity and we were delighted by all of the children’s efforts, and their understanding of the need to raise the money.

At Gorton the children have enjoyed dressing up as Pudsey bear to help raise money for children in need. They have taken part in Pudsey bear baking, Pudsey bear tuff spot, a spot hunt and having fun with spotted yellow play dough

At Morrill st the children have made chocolate concrete cake to add into our bake sale, dressed up as superheroes and princesses as well as the usual Pudsey attire. The children have also decorated Pudsey masks and pictures.

At waterside, apart from watching and laughing as Rachel got ‘pied’ the children have been dressing up in their Pudsey outfits to help raise money, as well as drawing pictures of Pudsey bear, and baking Pudsey biscuits.

Meanwhile at Bridgehead nursery the children had so much fun joining in with Pudsey activities and raising money for Children in Need! The Button and Sunshine bears made some rocky road for our bake sale. Our Honey Bears have come in their pyjamas today and our pre-school have been joining in with the Pudsey yoga challenge!

At Bricknell the children dressed up in something spotty or pyjamas for our Children in need day.

We made cupcakes, biscuits and chocolate crispy buns for our mini bake sale and also decorated Pudsey bears.

Can you spot Rachel getting ‘pied’ in our lovely Children in Need pictures.