With the appearance of better weather in April – as short lived as it was – toddlers and children across all of our nurseries had a chance get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.

At Bridgehead, the toddlers had a lovely time exploring the woodland environment around the nursery and playing in the garden by setting up their own carwash station to wash toy cars.

In line with its beautiful, rural setting, Bishop Burton nursery saw the Honey Bears bring in fresh fruit and vegetables to cook in the outdoor mud kitchen and sell them in the farm shop, while the Sunshine Bears decorated spring animals with finger painting.

Pre-schoolers and toddlers at Hessle ventured out for a walk to enjoy the stunning views of the Humber estuary in the sunshine and the sunny weather also enabled all the children at Bricknell Avenue to get outside and enjoy a range of sensory activities and physical play.

Children at Gorton Road had a fantastic time making and riding in a train, which they created out of plastic crates. They even convinced some of the staff to join them on their journey!

Food on the Menu

Elsewhere, food was very much on the menu across the nurseries, with lots of baking going on and children getting to learn about and taste hot cross buns.

The pre-schoolers at Bricknell Avenue learned all about food this month, looking at what is healthy and what is not. They made fruit kebabs, looked at stories featuring different foods, painted using different foods and explored real food in the home corner too. Everyone agreed it had been a tasty treat!

In Other News

A host of other fun, entertaining and educational activities occurred in April too. Gorton Avenue got a visit from a Firefighter as part of its ‘People Who Help Us’ series, and they also purchased a fish for the children to look after.

Pre-schoolers at Bishop Burton learned all about themselves and drew self-portraits. They also brought their favourite toys to the nursery and spoke about why the loved them.

The pre-schoolers at Hessle learned all about life-cycles by looking at the hungry caterpillar story. They are now very excited to be waiting for their own caterpillars to arrive, so they can watch them grow and become butterflies.

Meanwhile, the toddlers have been practicing their handwriting and the under 2s got very messy caring for baby dolls!

It has all added up to sunny, fun-packed April with lots of laughing, smiling kids. Fingers crossed the better weather will soon return to make May just as lovely. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!