Santa Visits Tiptoes

No Tiptoes Christmas would be complete without a visit from Santa and his faithful companion Rudolph.

Rudolph, however, was busy limbering up for Christmas Eve, so instead he sent his faithful helper, Lucy to get the children in the party mood.

So, with a delicious Christmas dinner and games to boot, the little ones had some fantastic, festive fun to prepare them for the holidays.

Santa then announced he had gifts, but only for the children who had been good throughout the year.

We weren’t worried though. We knew that all the kids who come to Tiptoes had been extra good, so he handed out presents for all!

Despite his busy schedule, Santa toured all of our nurseries at Bridgehead, Waterside Hessle, Willerby, Bricknell Ave, and Morrill St, and had a fantastic time with children and staff.

In fact, Santa was heard telling Rudolph that Tiptoes’ children are the best behaved in the world and that’s why he had come to visit!

We’re glad you agree with us Santa, because that’s certainly how we feel. Thanks for dropping by to make our Christmas celebrations that little bit more special!