The pre-school children at Waterside had a visit from a police officer during July. They all talked about the role of a police officer and were able to explore different equipment that the police use in their working day. The children were all hugely excited as they were able to go inside a police van ! We can confirm that no arrests were made during the visit and everyone went home very well behaved (though still chatting about the visit).

We are always planning visits from external visitors and plan to get the police to visit all the other children over the coming months.


Meanwhile –

The children continue to have fun whilst learning all aspects of the early years foundation. Our babies have enjoyed exploring in the tuff tray as their food of the week is popcorn and they have been tasting it, painting with it and exploring it – great messy fun. They also liked getting messy when they did a science experiment and had fun playing in it all afterwards!

The pre-school children have been building towers and counting out how many bricks they have stacked. They have also been practicing their writing skills; tracing over letters to form words on our interactive whiteboards, which are fantastic at getting the children to carryout activities whilst using technology.

The Honey Bears have been very busy too, we baked a yummy cake by helping to add the ingredients and mix it up! We got messy and creative doing some gluing, sticking and sponge painting which was really fun. We have also made some yummy ice lollies and learned about fire and how to be safe around it.

It is great to explore and think about the things we would like to do when we get older. So we asked some of the children at Bricknell who are going to school in September  what they would like to do when they get older…


Finally, Thank you to everyone who both contributed with sponsor money and more importantly, those that took part in reading with their child at home. Raising money for local charities and books for our reading corners !  We are delighted to say nearly £1,500 was raised !

Tiptoes have contributed a further £750 which goes directly to all the chosen charities (below) and the £1,500 is used by the managers to purchase more reading books to increase and improve our reading corners.

Thanks again to everyone!

Breakdown of sponsor money raised by location with their chosen charities;

Bricknell – £104.50, the Butterfly Scheme for Dementia

Bridgehead – £237.50, Cancer research

Gorton – £202.30, Crohns and Colitis UK

Waterside – £402.00, MacMillian Cancer Support

Bishop – £166.00, the Melanoma Research Fund at East York Hospital

Morrill – £349.00, Bundles of Joy

So a total of £1,461.30

Here’s our other photos;