July is always a bittersweet month for us here at Tiptoes. That’s because it is time to say goodbye to Pre-schoolers from across all our nurseries as they prepare to move on to pastures new.

In one of our previous blogs, we looked at how much work goes into guiding our children through this stage to help achieve a smooth transition to school.

Although it is fantastic to see them develop in confidence throughout this process, it is tinged with melancholy because, in many cases, it is the last we will see of children who’s journey we’ve shared over the months and years they’ve spend with us.

Starting school is a big and daunting change for young children, so we’re always extra proud of our staff at this time of year for helping to make that change as easy and stress-free as possible.

And of course, there is always the delight of a whole new group of children starting at the nurseries after the summer for us to get to know.

We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the parents who have entrusted the care of their children to us, and a huge good luck to all of our children who are starting school in September.

Elsewhere, the fantastic summer we’ve been enjoying has played a big part in the activities at our nurseries.

At Livingston Road, the Honey Bears dressed up in holiday clothes and pretended to be at the beach and the Button Bears and Sunshine Bears kept cool in water while making the most of the opportunity to splash about!

The weather also enabled the children to explore the gardens around our nurseries and grow their own flowers and vegetables. The Honey Bears at Gorton Road planted sunflowers and had a fun time watching them grow and the Honey Bears at Bridgehead grew cress and potatoes. The babies at Bricknell Avenue had a fantastic time exploring the secret garden.

Food, as ever, featured a lot in July. At Gorton Road we held a baking week where children got to make buns and mix different ingredients together. At Bishop Burton the children explored summer fruits and enjoyed tasting raspberries and making raspberry muffins.

The Honey Bears at Gorton Road demonstrated great fine motor skills in making their own sandwiches which they ate as part of a lovely summer picnic.

A whole host of other events both educational and entertaining took place throughout July, including paint sensory play, a farm-themed week, and a week dedicated to learning about the five senses. Staff and children alike have had a fantastic time enjoying the weather and heaps of outdoor fun.

So with the summer holidays upon us, all that remains is for everyone at Tiptoes to wish you happy holiday and we’re looking forward to seeing you all when you return!