Why Keep your child at Tiptoes Pre-school

Your child is settled.

After just a short time at Tiptoes, your child should be happy, settled, confident and comfortable with the other children and our staff. Changing this at such a crucial age could be disruptive, especially as they will be going into a larger, more formal environment. Most children are much more equipped to cope with that degree of change when they are a little bit older.

Staff-to-child ratio

The staff-to-child ratio at a nursery pre-school is often better than a standalone pre-school, meaning your children will benefit from more dedicated attention and better supervision to help facilitate their development.

At Tiptoes, we strive to go above and beyond Ofsted guidelines in all of our nurseries meaning that our staff are generally more qualified than pre-school staff and they are all first aid trained.

Children are better prepared to start school

At Tiptoes, your child is taught exactly the same syllabus that children at a standalone pre-school are. However, due to the better staff-to-child ratio, we’re able to tailor the syllabus to individual children ensuring that get the most out of it. We believe this better prepares children to start school proper, in reception class.

We’re open longer

All Tiptoes nurseries are open from 7.30am to 6pm, much longer than the school day. Therefore, if you work full time, there’s no need to make other arrangements for your children as you would need to do at a standalone pre-school. They can simply stay with our trained staff in an environment in which they are comfortable. It is this convenience that makes a huge difference to parents’ lives, and is something a standalone pre-school can’t provide.

On-site kitchens cooking freshly prepared food everyday

Who remembers school dinners? Yep, us too, and not fondly. Whereas things might have moved on in recent years, few schools could compete with the freshly prepared food that we cook in-house every day. We like to think we give the children in our care food for thought and food for nutrition, helping them to develop emotionally, intelligently and physically.

Outdoor areas

All our nurseries have dedicated, secure, well designed outdoor spaces that are far more than just playgrounds. These areas have been created to stimulate children in both play and education and provide a fantastic extension to our well-resourced classroom areas.

These are just a few of the reasons why keeping your child at Tiptoes over a stand-alone or school pre-school is the best decision you can make for your child. With all of the resources and experiences we can offer, our aim is to support you in ensuring your children get the best possible start in life that they can.

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