It continues to be a busy time at Tiptoes as we start to welcome the warmer weather. The themes at the nurseries continue to delight the children and make learning so much easier. Our staff, which are all education to level 3 or above, put a huge amount of thought and time into planning all the activities that take part at Tiptoes. We hope the children enjoy all the learning experiences.

This month we have been doing lots of exciting things, all nurseries celebrated and learnt about the Tour de Yorkshire as it passed through the East Riding, the pre-school children made buntings and used pencil control to draw a road for the bikers. The bunting was hung in various parts of the cycle course and was even spotted on TV.

Space has been a theme with a range of activities based around it. Bridgehead children in the pre-school children have also looked up at space, they even made their own planets using playdough and matched words to a rocket picture, learning all the different parts of a rocket.

Waterside have learnt and celebrated the festival of Ramadan and the Under 2s have done a lot of sensory activities and explored a range of fun tuff spots based on farms and the artic. They have also made dens indoors and outdoors looking at books inside and singing songs

Bridgehead staff have been on tuff try and display training this month too, and the Honey Bears have had lots of fun exploring the farm yard tuff tray. They have also done a nursery rhyme week, we got to create and made lots of different characters from the songs which was really fun, we even made a display board with them too.

In the garden at Bridgehead the Honey Bears have been practicing their colours, rolling a ball and choosing the correct colour cone to match the ball.

Bridgehead have also been busy in their book corners, throughout the rooms we have revamped the book corners, getting new cosy pillows and other resources to make it colourful and cosy. The Sunshine bears have enjoyed their new book area and have enjoyed looking at books. The Sunshine and Button bears have also been getting musical, exploring the musical instruments and moving to the sound. At Waterside toddlers have done a story week learning about the Julia Donaldson book which is a story about the smartest giant in town.

Food of the week was “Ice Lollies” at Gorton Rd and what else would you do with an Ice Lolly other paint with it, of course.

Over at Bishop Burton the Tiptoe Bears have enjoyed exploring the theme Camping, using the theme to practice writing letters and numbers, explore the outdoors, doing some tree rubbing and also to learn and understand how to be safe. The Honey bears and sunshine bears have had lots of fun exploring different tough trays that the staff have create for them, learning about different textures and exploring different themes. The Sunshine bears have also had lots of fun baking and painting, this week they have been looking at the Hungry caterpillar using potatoes and paint to make marks and create their own caterpillars for their display.



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