Homemade favourites and exotic tastes combined to make an extra flavoursome February for children at Tiptoes.

With Pancake Day, St Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year all falling within a few days of each other, kids at all our nurseries got to enjoy a range of scrumptious flavours, some familiar, some less so.

On Pancake Day, our pre-schoolers made their own pancakes and chose their own toppings, clearing out the nursery kitchens! The Sunshine Bears and Honey Bears all had a wonderful time tucking into pancakes too, making it a day filled with fantastic foodie fun!

To celebrate Chinese New Year, the children got to sample a range of Chinese dishes, and made letters our of noodles. Some of them had never tried such exotic flavours before but all got stuck in and found something they liked.

They dressed in Chinese clothes, listened to Chinese music and watched footage of dragons dancing. Our Bricknell Avenue nursery even set up a mock Chinese restaurant for the children to experience.

On St Valentine’s Day, the children wrote love letters and cards to loved ones, painted their hands to look like love hearts and even made heart-shaped biscuits to take home to mum and dad.

Other activities included a family week where children made models of their family from play dough; a jobs week where children learned about different careers, and a police visit to our Gorton Road nursery to teach the kids about safety.

February has been a jam-packed month when all our children have embraced new flavours and cultures and learned about new places around the world. They have also shown their love for family and home with some very special Valentine’s message to mums and dads.

Our staff enjoyed the activities as much as the children, with many commenting on how wonderful it is to see them progress and discover new and fascinating things about the world almost every day.