Four out of five Tiptoes nurseries celebrate their birthday in a fun-packed month

August is always a special time for us because four out of our five nurseries celebrate their birthdays in this month.

Bridgehead turned four in August and Livingstone Road marked its ninth birthday. Bricknell Avenue turned seven and relative newcomer, Bishop Burton, saw its third anniversary.

It goes without saying that children and staff alike across all four nurseries made the most of their chance to party and mark the special occasions.

They were all treated to an extra special, big breakfast on the nursery’s birthdays and after that, the celebrations really got underway.

Parties with different themes took place at each nursery and saw children dress up as their favourite superheroes and Disney characters.

Such was the fun they had, we felt quite sorry for those at Gorton Road, the only nursery not to be launched in an August.

But we needn’t have worried. Although the festivities made for wonderful birthday celebrations for the children and our dedicated and hard-working staff, those at Gorton Road had a great August too.

The Tiptoe Bears enjoyed a Mr Men and Little Miss week where they got all gooed up using pink gloop and string to make their very own Mr Messy. They also explored different shapes and how they related to the range of characters in the Mr Men and Little Miss series.

The Button Bears held their own swashbuckling pirate week where they dressed up, climbed aboard a pirate ship and hid their ‘pieces of eight’ in their own egg-box based treasure boxes!

When not in party mode, lots of fun and educational activities took place across all the nurseries during the month.

At Bricknell Avenue, the Sunshine Bears showed off their green fingers with the plants in the secret garden, and the Honey Bears and Tiptoe Bears celebrated Eid by decorating pictures of the moon and stars and by making Henna marks on pictures of hands.

Bishop Burton nursery held a European Week to look at all things continental. The Honey Bears made their own Eiffel Tower from glue, matchsticks and glitter, and the pre-schoolers role played working in a fish and chip shop to make sure Britain’s contribution to European cuisine was not forgotten!

Food was on the menu at our other nurseries too. At Gorton Road they looked at the effect of healthy foods and unhealthy foods on the body, and at Bishop Burton, the Sunshine Bears explored different textures in food.

August has been a fun-packed and nutritious time for all of our nurseries. Now, as summer comes to an end, we prepare for the new intake of toddlers and children as a new educational year begins. This is always an exciting time and no doubt we’ll let you all know how it goes in our next newsletter.

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