All current families will now have received our new policy document, risk assessments and our Coronavirus Pack

This pack provides details on;

  • Links to latest government guidance

  • Social distancing within our settings

  • What families can do to help

  • Pick-up and drop-off arrangements

  • Handwashing, advice on face coverings and our hygiene practices

If you are interested in joining Tiptoes please call your nursery and they will be able to provide details and answer all your questions.

Safety during Coronavirus

Safety is always our priority, and as you would expect from one of Hull and East Yorkshire’s largest provider of childcare, we are taking the following measures and controls to help reduce the risk:

• Monitoring symptoms and undertaking temperature checks of children and staff at our nurseries to ensure that those displaying symptoms of Covid-19 do not attend.

• Putting in place social distancing measures to reduce contact between different age groups and rooms, without eliminating the care and support we give to the children;

• Continuing with our excellent personal hygiene practices with regular handwashing for everyone throughout the day;

• Continuing our robust cleaning practices with antiviral products in all areas of the nursery and carrying out more regular cleans on touch points and commonly used areas;

• and, reducing the number of visitors we allow in the nursery i.e. emergency works, reducing parent showrounds.

We will be continually monitoring Public Health England guidance, and reviewing our approach, to ensure our controls are as effective as they can be. We will let you know if there is a change to the risks posed, such as a notification of a confirmed case of Covid-19 in your nursery or a change in our approach.

The big question social distancing… how is tiptoes doing this

We ask all families to respect social distancing when arriving at nursery for drop off and collection, this is of particular importance when waiting. Within the nursery social distancing is hard with children and we will do all we can in each nursery to support this by:

• monitoring our occupancy carefully, we have initially capped capacity and review this daily;

• avoiding the movement of children and staff between rooms and shared spaces, such as staff room, laundry and kitchen;

• using our outdoor play spaces as much as possible;

• spending time in key bubbles;

• each bubble working independently of other groups;

• repurposing of our educational spaces to utilise furniture to create group spaces;

• and, staff will be carefully deployed within the nursery and will only work in one room, and as far as possible with their key children

Please speak with your nursery manager regarding specific information about how social distancing within your specific nursery will work.