June – Father Day afternoon get together, getting ready for transition to school and national healthy eating week.

During June we had a father day event at each nursery where the theme of the visit was construction. All the children had a great time and we all had lots of fun playing with our daddies at nursery showing them were they all play and learn each day. Even a few grandads came along to join in the fun. We all had such a great time, thank you to all those that took time out of their busy schedules to pop along. The children were taking about it for days afterwards.

June is a big month for our pre-school children as some of them think about starting in reception class. We put an enormous amount of time in helping them get ready for school. We show them photos of their schools, talk about the new adventure that they are going to be taking and also speaking with their schools.

We a full range of very successful parent evenings for all the school leavers across all the Tiptoes nurseries where parents could come and talk to their child’s key worker and see their school reports.  We also had the chance to go and meet the teachers and support staff at a lot of the schools too, taking the children along with our staff which really helps them get to know the school along with people they know, other than their parents. It really helps build their confidence ready for the big day.

Whilst we are also getting the pre-school children ready for primary school, we have also been getting our precious toddlers ready to join our fantastic pre-schools. If you child is lucky enough to be joining our pre-school we had a transition meeting where parents were able to come and learn all about it. From our educational framework, 30 hours funding, what their child will do each day and the pre-school staff, who are amongst the most qualified in the area.

Also, at Bricknell we have been looking at stories and role-playing Goldilocks and the three bears, the children also used the flashcards resources, which Kim went on training for, to support children with communication and language by telling a story with the picture cards. The Honey Bears have been looking at different foods and exploring them in different ways. They made their own pizzas using different vegetables to paint with. In Sunshine Bears they have been busy exploring paint in different ways, they enjoyed finger painting and using tea bags too.

Gorton children where off on their holidays having a great time packing their suitcases and getting on the aeroplane with airhostess Lauren. They have also been taking part in dinosaur week and the pre-school children have been learning about holidays and took turns toasting marshmallows on the camp fire during their camping trip.

Children and staff at Bridgehead have enjoyed going for walks in the woods, looking for sticks and leaves to put into the tuff tray. The pre-school also made their own fruit kebabs, learning how to use a knife, cutting up their own fruit.

Throughout the rest of the month we enjoyed doing lots of fun and messy activities, listening to stories, and getting to explore lots of fun and exciting tuff trays.

Morrill nursery took part in national healthy eating week, were they enjoyed a range of activities such as vegetable printing, making fruit smoothies and fruit kebabs, exploring fruit and vegetables in gloop and role played our own farmers market. What such food! to top the week the children made their own treasure maps and went on a treasure hunt around the garden with Pollyanna to find their hidden treasure.