Children enjoyed a multi-cultural February at Tiptoes, exploring different cultures and nationalities from around the world.

The whole of our Livingstone Road nursery threw themselves into celebrating different ethnicities by sampling foods from across the global, dancing to a range of different music and making artefacts that represented different countries.

The babies at Bishop Burton had a brilliant time, not to mention getting very messy, painting Russians dolls and using coloured rice to make different national flags.

And pre-schoolers at Bridgehead celebrated Chinese New Year by making their own dragon puppets and dancing around with them in true festival style.

The activities were fun for both staff and children alike and gave the children an insight into the different people and cultures they will experience in this country and abroad.

The children loved the colours and most of the foods and found wonder in the stories of far-off people, lands and cultures.

As the weather has started to improve, the children got the opportunity to spend more time outdoors. The Sunshine Bears at Bridgehead planted vegetables and are watering them every day to watch them grow. They’re already exciting about harvesting and eating them.

But in the meantime, they had plenty of food to enjoy as the nursery held the first picnic of the new year, with lots of yummy food and drinks.

The Sunshine Bears at Bricknell Avenue enjoyed some fresh air and exercise when they headed out for a community walk to take in the local area.

And speaking of exercise, the Pre-Schoolers at Bishop Burton combined learning about technology with the new iPads the nursery has invested in, with yoga.

They also used the iPads to practice phonics and numbers, proving what a great investment they are.

Along with all of this, February was packed with lots of entertaining and educational experiences for staff and children alike.

The Honey Bears at Bricknell Avenue used shaving foam to draw shapes, built a castle with lego and had lots of fun role playing.

At Bridgehead, the Honey Bears squeezed their own orange juice and drank it, and they were clearly very keen on the results!

The Pre-Schoolers at Livingstone Road held an ‘all about me’ topic, which included drawing pictures of themselves and their family, and practiced writing their names and ages out correctly.

And the toddlers did a role play week where they became a range of different people they saw in everyday life, such as hairdressers, doctors and vets.

The Honey Bears at Willerby also got involved in some role play, as doctors and dentists, to learn about health and hygiene and how to keep themselves fit and healthy, and the Tiptoe Bears made lorry pictures for their transport-themed week, as well as enjoying a fantastic tea party.

February was certainly a packed month at all of our nurseries and with March now underway, the children are as busy as ever learning lots of new and fun things. Don’t miss the next edition of our newsletter to hear all about them!