One of the qualities we like to instil most in the babies, toddlers and children who attend a Tiptoes nursery is a real appetite for life. May has certain done that, with a host of activities based around everyone’s favourite activity … eating!

The babies and toddlers across all of our nurseries have been exploring different foods, from porridge as part of the Goldilocks story, to bananas and even grown-up foods like vegetables, which we use to teach them about healthy eating.

But no matter how healthy the food they’re trying is, we always like to flavour it with a big dollop of fun! For example, the babies at Gorton Road squashed grapes with their toes, explored dinosaurs with spiral vegetables and made sea creatures with a combination of cabbage, kale and sand.

Of course, when it comes to cooking there’s nothing kids like more than getting their hands dirty with a bit of baking. At Bishop Burton, the children cooked up a host of tasty treats including bread, biscuits, buns and sandwiches.

And for dessert, our Willerby pre-schoolers have been making their own ice lollies and smoothies to cool themselves down in the summer sunshine. The toddlers got to try a range of exotic fruits too, including pomegranates and papaya as part of the nursery’s healthy eating week.

But it’s not all been about harnessing the children’s inner foodie. We’ve been up to a host of other diverse activities during May that have been both fun and educational.

Pre-schoolers at Bishop Burton learned about road safety and did a survey of different coloured cars to find out which were most popular, and pre-schoolers at Hessle have been looking after butterflies and watching them grow from a caterpillar.

The Home Corners of our Bricknell Avenue nursery was the focus of lots of play and creativity during May, with children role playing in the kitchen and shops. They also got to explore musical instruments and the investigation box, which is full of items of intrigue to fire their imaginations.

The toddlers at Willerby enjoyed nursery rhyme week and made rockets and musical instruments to celebrate the start of Ramaden, and for sand and water week, the pre-schoolers made their own versions of popular Hull visitor attraction, The Deep.

So, with their tummies full and their minds even fuller May has a been a jam-packed month for everyone at Tiptoes. Here’s to the summer, which we hope will be just as a big a feast of fun!