2019 holds lots of promise for Tiptoes Day Nursery

As you would expect, on the run up to Christmas all of our nurseries were filled with excitement as a host of festive activities took place and the arrival of Santa Claus grew ever closer. The pictures below show the range of festive activities the children got involved in.

But Christmas seems a long time ago now and we’re well into a new year. So, although it is a bit belated, the first thing we’d like to do is wish all of our parents a Happy New Year and a fantastic 2019.

Of course, we have our own hopes for the coming 12 months too and there are lots of things we will be looking to achieve.

From ensuring the children across all our nurseries get a continuously improving nursery experience, to launching a brand new, bespoke facility in east Hull for the first time, we have big plans for the year ahead.

But it’s not just at corporate level in the company that plans are being made. All of our nursery managers have hopes for the new year too, and all of those involve making sure your children get the best start in life we can give them.

Here what they had to say.

Sarah Smith, manager at our Bridgehead nursery, said they would be investing new resources to the outside area, to give the children room to play and learn.

Sarah added: “We would like to take the pre-schools back in the woods for walks, encouraging them to appreciate nature, and also look at new and fun ways to support their development. Will want to get them involved with the garden, making resources and asking for their ideas.

“During 2019 we would also like to see all of the rooms at Bridgehead decorated, invest in new learning resources and adapt the display boards.”

Ellie at Bishop Burton said they were looking forward to providing the children with new and exciting learning opportunities.

She said: “We all want to support their development and help them achieve to the best of their ability.

“For our Tiptoe Bears, we hope to support them and their parents with a smooth transition to school and give them all a lovely Tiptoes send off.”

Vanessa at Bricknell nursery said the staff are hoping to make 2019 as successful as 2018 had been.

“We want to continue to provide new and inviting activities across all ages for the children to enjoy and learn from,” Vanessa said.

“We aim to continue providing exciting events that the children, parents and carers can join in with and enjoy too.”

At Gorton Road, Gemma said one of the priorities for 2019 would be to ensure those starting school later this year would be confident with phonics and numbers.

She added she was looking forward to sprucing up the Willerby nursery.

“We want to repaint all of the nursery,” Gemma said.

“We also want to continue planning lots of outstanding activities for the children and we’re currently looking at buying new resources for the rooms and garden. It’s going to be an exciting year for children and staff alike.”

Finally, Kelly at Waterside, said their main aim was to ensure they continued their high level of care for the children, to help them develop as individuals and bring out their own personalities.

She added: “We would like to keep up the good communication and relationships with our parents to ensure every one’s needs are met.

“We’re also going to have a re-vamp of the nursery to make it look fresh and new and work together with the children to make the garden look more inviting.”

So, with lots of plans for the 2019, it’s already shaping up to be a busy year here at Tiptoes. But one thing you can be confident of is that at the centre of all of those plans are your children, their happiness, education and development. Because at Tiptoes, we put those at the centre of everything.

Happy New Year!

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